Friday, September 14, 2018

Here's what Belle Fourche Lions are up to – We Serve!

Belle Fourche Lion’s Club minutes for September 13, 2018

Meeting called to order by outgoing President Kline .  Our regular meeting was held at Grap’s Burgers and Brews

Present: Lion Cooper, Lion J. Drabek, Lion Rich Drabek, Lion Robert Drabek, Lion Floyd, Lion Haivala, Lion Kline, Lion Kraft, Lion Livingston, Lion Nary, Lion D. Neumeister, Lion S. Neumeister, Lion Schaefer, Lion R. Walton and Lion Zupan.
Guest: Nicole Kraft, daughter of Lion Kraft.
Pledge: Lion R. Walton   Song: Lion Nary  

Lions Joke was shared by Lion President Kline.
Motion to approve the financial report was made by Lion Cooper, with a 2nd by Lion Floyd; after a short explanation of a few points by Lion Treasurer Rich Drabek, motion carried.  Motion to approve the amended minutes of the last meeting ( At the Presho Lions meeting, District Governor was Brown and it was NOT our 6th year in a row for web site of the year) was made by Lion R. Walton, with a 2nd by Lion Haivala; motion carried. 

Old Business:
·      Update on the All Car Rally – adversities were worked through, but we persevered.  Lion Kline thanked everyone for their help, especially Lion Nary who brought the extra cooker.
·      Lion Nary gave an update on the Fourth of July Rodeo ushering.  Thanks to everyone and let’s make sure we have enough volunteers to cover 4 rodeos.
·      A Thank You was sent from the Presho Lions for attendance and other things done by Lions Rich and Joyce Drabek during their 50th anniversary celebration.

INSTALLATION OF NEW OFFICERS: Installed were the new Directors, the Tail Twister, the Treasurer, the Secretary and the New President; Lion Melody Zupan.  These were installed by Lion Robert Drabek by identifying the specific “tasks” each has along with a challenge for everyone to support in all Lionism.

New Business:
·      There will be Vision Screening on September 20 at 9:30 at South Park.  A sign-up sheet was passed around.
·      Lion Rich Drabek made a request to fund some requests which were sent to us:
·      Belle Fourche Rec Center for Spooktacular ($50)
·      Butte County Sherriff ($50)
·    Parents Who Care {After Prom} ($50).  Motion by Lion R. Walton to give $50 to each, 2nd by Lion Cooper, motion carried.
·      Correspondence was presented by Lion Rich Drabek – a thank you for our service of getting glasses for someone in need.
·      Correspondence was presented by Lion Zupan – Global Action Team has a position which needs filled; any volunteers?  Also Leader Dog for the Blind information is available by Lion Donna Wetz.
·      Fall Rally – an invitation was extended to attend.  It will be in Hill City, Oct 4-6.  We have been asked to provide a “basket” for auctioning off during the Rally.  Lion Robert Drabek is planning on attending.

Break for meal with a blessing given by Lion D. Neumeister.

50/50 Drawing: Winner was Lion Floyd who donated the proceeds back to the club.
Perfect attendance awards were presented by Lion D. Neumeister to the following: Lion Cooper, Lion J. Drabek, Lion Rich Drabek, Lion Robert Drabek, Lion Floyd, Lion Kline, Lion Livingston, Lion Nary, Lion D. Neumeister, Lion S. Neumeister,  Lion Frank Walton (not present), Lion Rick Walton and Lion Zupan.  Congratulations to everyone!

·      Lion Haivala noted that when glasses were picked up at Dairy Queen there was also $9 with them
·      A hearty THANK YOU was given to Lion Nary for mowing around the shed during this very rainy year.
·      Lion Nary gave an update on recycling of the aluminum cans.  The program is catching on and would very much appreciate any volunteers to help crush cans.

With no further business, a motion was made by Lion R. Walton to adjourn, 2nd by Lion Cooper.  Next meeting will be September 27, 2018.

(Many thanks to Lion Del Neumeister for his always timely and accurate minutes!)