Thursday, February 6, 2020

Diabetes Newsletter from Lion Del Neumeister

I know I told you in the last newsletter we were going to talk about sugars.  However, in case you didn't notice, it has been almost TWO months since the last newsletter.  It is that time period and what it means to diabetics that I am going to talk about this month.
In the last two months we have had Christmas and New Years.  Although they are really big ones, they aren't the only celebrations we have in a year.  Birthdays and anniversaries are also celebrations which can be a challenge for those of us trying to watch our sugar levels.
So, what do I do?  Do I just say, "No cake and ice cream?"  Or maybe, "I'll just eat vegetables for Christmas dinner."  That, my friends, isn't realistic, let alone sounding like any fun.  Part of the answer is portions.  We don't have to have a great big slice of cake or 1/2 a pint of ice cream or a 14 inch plate full of dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and so forth.
It has been my experience that eating some of those "forbidden" items doesn't mean I have failed and might as well just go ahead and eat whatever I want.  
It also doesn't mean that you don't eat for the next two days (exaggeration).  
It means that you watch what you eat after that; that is saying you took a reasonable portion of food, and continue with your diet.
Remember, diabetes is a lifetime as well as a lifestyle.  No one expects you to stop living just because you have diabetes.  No one expects you to eat perfectly either.  Monitoring your blood sugar is just that, watching it go up and down and you adjusting what you eat based upon that.
OK, let me end by saying that if you have questions, contact your physician, they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Well, let's see if I can get back on track for next month and talk about sugar.

Your 5SW Diabetes chair, Lion Del Neumeister