Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lots of leaders...lots of information....lots of Lions fellowship!

It was a full agenda, with installation of officers, some decisions on key Lion projects, and a program presenter with a candid assessment of the Belle Fourche business climate.

District Secretary Neil Vollmer, accompanied by a contingent of other Lions from the Newell Lions Club, was on hand to lead the installation of officers for the coming year.  Leading the slate of new club leaders is Lion Joyce Drabek, who becomes the first woman to lead the Belle Fourche Lions Club.  Members of the Northern Lights Lions Club of Belle Fourche, comprised of Lady Lions, merged with the previously all-male club a couple of years ago.

Lion President Joyce leads an array of talented members from the Northern Lights club who have infused renewed vigor into the Belle Fourche Lions.  Their impact can be seen in the leadership positions of our club, as well as in the committee assignments.

Club leaders for the coming year include: Lion Joyce Drabek, president; Lion Willert, First VP; Lion Kline, Second VP; Lion Zupan, Third VP and Lion Tamer; Lion Rich Drabek, Treasurer; Lion Del Neumesiter, Secretary; Lion Sue Neumeister, Board Member; and Lion Cooper, Tail Twister.  To get a closer look at these club leaders, along with a few other snapshots from the evening, visit our Lions Gallery.

New Belle Fourche Chamber of Commerce director Gary Wood (shown at left) gave an assessment of the business climate in Belle Fourche, with some positive information about our community that is often overlooked -- such as the hefty number of manufacturing plants that call Belle Fourche home.

A full slate of business followed installation.  You can read all about it in the timely and comprehensive Minutes compiled by club secretary Lion Del Neumeister.  Click the "Minutes" tab at the top of this page.

Also lots of upcoming Lions events.  Check 'em out on the "Calendar" tab above or in the right-hand column.


Thursday, September 15, 2016

A pride of Lions tackle a busy, busy, business session

Despite a last-minute change of location, and the fact that it was the first meeting for a new season, it was a good turnout last night (9/14/16) for the Belle Fourche Lions Club at Grap's Burgers and Brews. The agenda was full with lots of updates and reports, and Lion President Joyce Drabek had to keep the session moving right along in order to take care of all items.

An updated membership list was passed around for corrections and updates, and a new listing of committee assignments was distributed to members.  We'll have those assignments posted online in the next day or two.

Lots of upcoming activities, ranging from installation of officers -- now set for Tuesday, September 27 -- to student eye exams and a slough of other items. Click on our Lions club CALENDAR OF EVENTS tab in the right-hand column for a listing.  Oh, yes, one note worthy of mention about this meeting was the fine form of Tail Twister Lion Rick Walton, whose prowess and cunning ways generated some healthy revenue for the club.  

Well, we could recount everything for you here, but that's why we're blessed with a crack club secretary, Lion Del Neumeister.  Check out his minutes of the session by simply clicking on the MINUTES tab at the top of the page.

And don't forget to mark your calendars for our September 27th meeting.  We'll have our installation of officers at The Stadium.