Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Belle Fourche Lions Club hits a major milestone this summer!

Over 4000 lbs of aluminum collected!

The Club went over the 4000 lb mark early in August.  Total earnings for the club is over $1200 that is used for several different programs for the community like scholarships for graduating seniors and paying for glasses for those who are not able.

Back story:

The Belle Fourche Lions Club started collecting cans in June of 2017.  It was not until March of 2020 that the first 2000 lbs were collected.  Almost 3 years.  The second 2000 lbs was collected in just over a year.

Ronald McDonald House:

The Lions have always taken the tabs off of the cans collected and are turned into the Ronald McDonald House Project.  While records of how many were not kept in the early years, it is estimated that over 40 lbs of pull tabs have been donated by the Club.

How can you help?

The Belle Lions Club has a collections site in the parking lot of the Lynn's Dakotamart on the East side.  Please feel free to deposit aluminum cans here.  The Belle Fourche Country Club also has a place to deposit used cans.


 Reminder New Meeting time!

Don't get left behind!  Lions Club meetings will now start at 6pm for social hour and supper.

Meeting from 7 to 8pm.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Belle Fourche Lions Club Honors 40 year Member Lion Al Shaw

Former member Lion Al Shaw passed away recently.  In remembrance of his service we have reposted an article about him.   Thank you Al Shaw for 40 years of service to the Belle Fourche Lions Club and to the community. 

Dated Oct 28th, 2010

Belle Fourche Lions Club members Al Shaw and Bill Kunerth – both veterans of World War II – were among the 117 South Dakota veterans who went to WashingtonD.C. late last month as part of the Honor Flight program.  Last night (10/28/10) they told  Lions members about that experience, and - with a bit of prodding – a bit about their military service.

President Ron Ensz (at left) with fellow Lions who are
World War II veterans -- Bill Kunerth and Al Shaw.
“It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Kunerth told his fellow Lions about Honor Flight.  “It was kind of nice to be appreciated.”

Shaw said the entire trip “restored my feeling of existing patriotism and made all of us very proud.”

Honor Flight is a non-profit initiative to honor World War II veterans by transporting them to WashingtonD.C. “to visit and reflect at their memorials.”  The vets make the trip free of charge.  More than 700 South Dakota veterans have made the trip, but several more hundred are awaiting their opportunity.   While in the Capitol, veterans visit the World War II Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, and many other memorials and landmarks. Their trips are paid for by individual and corporate donors.

It’s a busy two days.

Shaw gave details of the trip, beginning with an orientation meeting at the Rapid City American Legion Club, followed by their flight to Dulles Airport outside WashingtonDC, and their whirlwind tour of sites ranging from the World War II Memorial and Arlington Cemetery, to the Iwo Jima Memorial and the National Air and Space Museum.  We've posted a few photos from their journey in our Lions Photo Gallery.

“I could’ve spent all day there,” said Shaw, making special note of the Enola Gay, the WWII vintage B-29 Superfortress that carried the atomic bomb that leveled HiroshimaJapan during the war.

Kunerth was impressed with all the memorials.

“The Vietnam Memorial had lots of emotion surrounding it, and the World War II Memorial was the most informative.  But the one that impressed me the most was the Korean War Memorial.”

In his book, The Greatest Generation, fellow South Dakota Tom Brokaw described how so many World War II veterans came back from the war and got on with their lives – seldom talking about their experiences.

And so it was with Lions Kunerth and Shaw, who offered little about their war-time experiences.  Kunerth allowed only that his Army division saw action on the Siegfried Line in Germany and that it was “pretty tough.”  Shaw was a turret gunner on a B-24 Super Fortress flying missions from an airbase near IpswichEngland.  He flew 31 missions, surpassing the short life expectancy generally recognized for that hazardous job.

Our thanks to Lions Al Shaw and Bill Kunerth for their presentation – and especially for their service to our country during World War II.  Thank you!

Tuesday, December 1, 2020


Lions Del and Sue Neumeister are leaving the community at the end of November. They have both been Lions on and off for 20+ years!  In Belle since 2009.  Del will be greatly missed as Treasurer.  Thanks to both Del and Sue for all of their volunteer hours and love for Belle Fourche.

Vice President

Lion Cherie Coleman

Friday, October 16, 2020

PDG Scheller and Campaign 100


·    Lion Sheller cam to our Lions Club meeting to share with us his passion for Campaign 100.  One word describes PDG Sheller's presentation, passionate.  Lion Scheller believes what he spoke about and it starts with, "27.4 cents."  He gave us statistics regarding lack of water, electricity, shelter and the overall health of the world.  He told us that preventable diseases take over 25,000 lives every day.  This is about the size of Aberdeen, SD.  He then told us that the goal of Campaign 100 is to raise 22 million dollars by 2022.  He then told us that the dollars that have already been raised have made a difference.  South Dakota alone has received over 1/2 million dollars in grants.  They  have given approximately 5 million for COVID relief.  When you give to Campaign 100 you know where your dollars are going.  100% of your money goes to the cause you desire.  There are no paid CEO's to siphon your money.  So, 24.7cents a day equals $100 a year and that's what it will take to make the goal.  You can donate on the LCIF website or by mail: LCIF, Dept. 45471, Carol Stream, IL, 60122-4547.  Thank you PDG Scheller for your presentation. 

      Here is a link to some pictures taken at the presentation. 





Lion Cherie talks about Charitable Giving

Dear Fellow Lions,

Our presentation last night included a big push for Lions to donate individually and as a group.  I left my materials at home but I believe that the deduction qualifies for this tax credit.


This whole letter is less polished than I would like it to be but I am sending it out so this information does not get buried.  Our resident CPA, Renae Schaeffer, highlighted this deduction and the attached is from her  “Accounting Today” publication so it is from a reliable source.


I thought others might appreciate knowing.  Even if they don’t give to the Lions but another qualified organization, those donations would mean a lot this year!


I am including Lee to see if he can find a way to put it on the website and I will try to incorporate it with my post from last night’s meeting.


1. Use above-the-line charitable deduction

Everyone is entitled to a charitable deduction this year. The Tax Cuts

and Jobs Act doubled the standard deduction while repealing or

limiting many itemized deductions, leaving millions fewer taxpayers

claiming actual itemized deductions. Typically, there is no tax benefit

for giving to charity unless you itemize deductions. 

However, the CARES Act created an above-the-line deduction of up to $300 for

cash contributions from taxpayers who don’t itemize. To take advantage of this provision,

taxpayers should make sure to donate before the end of the year.


Hope you all have a great weekend.

Lion Cherie