Monday, March 23, 2020

Belle Fourche Lions - WE SERVE!

Although our March 26th meeting has been cancelled, and the Lions Pancake Feed scheduled for March 29th postponed  (date yet to be determined) our Belle Fourche Lions continue serve "behind the scenes."  

Please take note of the newest Lions Eyeglass Drop Box.  It's located at the Runnings store and is the handiwork of Lions Mike Derry and Cherie Coleman.  Great job....Thanks Lions Derry and Coleman!  

(Thanks to Lion Del Neumeister for sharing photo)

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Belle Fourche Lions Club: Minutes of Special March19th Meeting

The following members were present: Lion Cherie Coleman, Lion Mike Derry, Lion Rich Drabek, Lion Ron Ensz (by phone), Lion Melissa Kraft, Lion Del Neumeister, Lion Sue Neumeister, Lion Frank Walton and Lion Kellen Willert (by phone).
The meeting was held at the Conference Room of the Pioneer Bank and Trust.  A thank you to Lions Coleman and Kraft for making the arrangements.  Meeting was called to order by President Willert at 7 p.m. and Lion Ensz joined a short time later due to technical issues.
The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the future of the Annual Pancake feed scheduled for March 29, 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak.  This was the only item on the agenda.
There was much discussion back and forth regarding whether to postpone or to cancel outright the feed.  Lion Frank Walton provided the group with some numbers regarding where his tickets, in the amount of $2110, came from.  Uncertainty of what the “best” thing to do was with each who attended. 
There was a motion by Lion Mike Derry to postpone, for the time being, the feed.  A second was given by Lion Del Neumeister, 8 for and 1 against; motion carried.  Lion Ron Ensz will prepare a statement for the newspaper regarding how tickets which have been sold will be handled.  Lion Cherie Coleman will put the notification on our Facebook page.
Due to the coronavirus a motion was made to cancel the next regular club meeting scheduled for March 26, 2020 by Lion Frank Walton with a 2nd by Lion Melissa Kraft; motion carried.
As there was no further business a motion by Lion Del Neumeister was made to adjourn, a 2nd by Lion Frank Walton; motion carried.
Your Lions secretary
Lion Del Neumeister

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Lion "Chuck" Livingston (1930-2020)

Our long-time friend and fellow Belle Fourche Lion, Charles "Chuck" Livingston has passed away.  We received the sad news yesterday that "Lion Chuck" had died on Monday, March 9th. He was 89 years old.  Once we know specific arrangements for his funeral, we'll share them on this Belle Fourche Lions website.

Nearly three years ago, in early 2017, Lion Chuck was honored for 50 years of perfect attendance in Lions.  As we wrote on this website then, "That's no small accomplishment, and it's among many achievements that this low-key Lion leader has chalked up over the years.  Not just in Lions, but also within the community."

At that time, we assembled the following short video, providing more information about Chuck's life and his career of service in Lions – and throughout the community.

Monday, February 24, 2020

What you may not know about SUGAR...

by Lion Del Neumeister - 5SW Diabetes Chairman
Lion Del Neumeister
Sugar.  To start with, each of us needs to know that when we are talking sugar, we are talking about several things.  Sugar is more than just what you sprinkle on your cereal in the morning or put in your coffee.  Sugar is created in your body when you eat certain things.  Some (this certainly doesn't include all) of the common things are pasta, bread and potatoes. When I eat these things, I know that eventually my blood sugar will go up.  So, what do we do?
Do we need to eliminate sugar from our diet completely?  Let me just say that not only is that unpleasant, I believe that it is impossible.  Sugar enters the body in many forms.  So, once again, what do we do?
If you want to control your diabetes rather than have your diabetes control you, I believe that the first thing you need to do is to know how your body reacts to food.  In order to do that, you must check your blood sugar and, in one way or another, record what you have consumed.  For me, this means keeping track of what I eat at meals and snacks as well.  Anything (you can skip water) that you put in you, eat or drink, should be kept track of.  I do this in my, twice daily, recording sheet I use.  You can use whatever works for you.
I believe that there are three things you will learn when you are diligent in your record keeping.  I believe you will discover there are foods that raise your blood sugar, foods that have no effect on your blood sugar and foods that lower your blood sugar.  Mind you, the last one (lowering) was discovered by me AFTER I knew which foods raised my blood sugar.
I know someone who has had diabetes for over 50 years.  This person eats nearly anything they want.  The reason is because after eating, testing occurs.  This person, over the years has LEARNED what will and won't raise their blood sugar – and what to do about it.
The most important things, I BELIEVE, we need to do is have regular conversations with our doctor.  Controlling diabetes means living life.  Let's do it.
Next month:  Let's Talk Exercise!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

First 2020 program: "America's Kids Belong"

Our first meeting of 2020 featured a presentation about adoption and foster care of South Dakota children.

To describe the January 9th program, we refer to the draft minutes for our Lions meeting of Thursday, January 9th at Grap's in Belle Fourche: 

Damen Woolsey
"...we were given a presentation by Damen Woolsey regarding America’s Kids Belong and he identified himself as co-executive director of South Dakota Kids Belong. 
   Some statistics regarding children in 'the system':  there are over 400,000 nationwide with 100,000 available for adoptions with the remainder in the foster care system.  It is one of the goals of this group to give children a face and a voice insuring that the children are seen as “real.”  It is also one of their goals to have the government support their program.  There are three other goals:

          1) that there are more than enough adoptive parents 
        2) that there are more than enough foster parents 
              3) there is more than enough support.  

    Damen then passed around a sheet for email addresses of those desiring to support the program.  A discussion followed regarding some of the difficulties with the “system” as well as some of the successes."

For more details about the meeting, check out our Draft Minutes for January 9th, 2020.