Thursday, February 6, 2020

Diabetes Newsletter from Lion Del Neumeister

I know I told you in the last newsletter we were going to talk about sugars.  However, in case you didn't notice, it has been almost TWO months since the last newsletter.  It is that time period and what it means to diabetics that I am going to talk about this month.
In the last two months we have had Christmas and New Years.  Although they are really big ones, they aren't the only celebrations we have in a year.  Birthdays and anniversaries are also celebrations which can be a challenge for those of us trying to watch our sugar levels.
So, what do I do?  Do I just say, "No cake and ice cream?"  Or maybe, "I'll just eat vegetables for Christmas dinner."  That, my friends, isn't realistic, let alone sounding like any fun.  Part of the answer is portions.  We don't have to have a great big slice of cake or 1/2 a pint of ice cream or a 14 inch plate full of dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and so forth.
It has been my experience that eating some of those "forbidden" items doesn't mean I have failed and might as well just go ahead and eat whatever I want.  
It also doesn't mean that you don't eat for the next two days (exaggeration).  
It means that you watch what you eat after that; that is saying you took a reasonable portion of food, and continue with your diet.
Remember, diabetes is a lifetime as well as a lifestyle.  No one expects you to stop living just because you have diabetes.  No one expects you to eat perfectly either.  Monitoring your blood sugar is just that, watching it go up and down and you adjusting what you eat based upon that.
OK, let me end by saying that if you have questions, contact your physician, they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Well, let's see if I can get back on track for next month and talk about sugar.

Your 5SW Diabetes chair, Lion Del Neumeister

Sunday, January 12, 2020

First 2020 program: "America's Kids Belong"

Our first meeting of 2020 featured a presentation about adoption and foster care of South Dakota children.

To describe the January 9th program, we refer to the draft minutes for our Lions meeting of Thursday, January 9th at Grap's in Belle Fourche: 

Damen Woolsey
"...we were given a presentation by Damen Woolsey regarding America’s Kids Belong and he identified himself as co-executive director of South Dakota Kids Belong. 
   Some statistics regarding children in 'the system':  there are over 400,000 nationwide with 100,000 available for adoptions with the remainder in the foster care system.  It is one of the goals of this group to give children a face and a voice insuring that the children are seen as “real.”  It is also one of their goals to have the government support their program.  There are three other goals:

          1) that there are more than enough adoptive parents 
        2) that there are more than enough foster parents 
              3) there is more than enough support.  

    Damen then passed around a sheet for email addresses of those desiring to support the program.  A discussion followed regarding some of the difficulties with the “system” as well as some of the successes."

For more details about the meeting, check out our Draft Minutes for January 9th, 2020.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Campaign 100 gets a boost at December 12th meeting!

"On the spot! Five members of the Belle Fourche Lions Club made contributions to Campaign 100 following a December 12th presentation by Past District Governors Doug Scheller and Tim Brown. Campaign 100 seeks to address global needs ranging from Hunger, Vision, and Disaster Relief to Diabetes, Youth, and Humanitarian Causes. Pictured (L-to-R) are: PDG Doug Scheller, Lion Jason Oedekoven (with blue hat), Lion Frank Walton, Lion Rick Walton, Lion Brian Kline, Club President Lion Kellen Willert and PDG Tim Brown. 

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Good speaker, good grub, good fellowship!

Eighteen Lions and three guests filled our Lions table at Grap's Burgers and Brews this week (November 14) to receive an update on our most recent vision screening event at both South Park Elementary and the Belle Fourche Middle School.  Lions screened 402 children and there were 42 referrals.

School Nurse Brandi Van Sickle was our guest speaker.
But our speaker, School Nurse Brandi Van Sickle, provided additional insight into the importance of screenings, along with some of the obstacles and solutions that have been implemented.

One obstacle is the perception by the kids that wearing glasses isn't "cool."  But, of course, the benefits are obvious.  Referral notices are given to the teachers with the desire of reinforcing the need for follow-up examinations with an eye doctor.

In addition to Nurse Van Sickle, our guests included Maureen Oedekoven and Jenelle Willert, spouses of Lions Oedekoven and Willert.

There were discussions about the frequency of our Lions meetings, the need for assistance in aluminum can recycling efforts – and the always exciting 50-50 drawing.  Read all about these and other aspects of our meeting in the draft Minutes of November 14, compiled and written by the Lions Neumeister.  Thank You Lions Sue and Del!

No meeting for November 28.....Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Lions DG Vollmer lays out challenges.... and opportunities!

Twenty-eight Lions members and their guests gathered Thursday (Oct. 24) to hear District Governor (DG) Linda Vollmer give a multi-faceted report about some of Lion's accomplishments – but with a real focus on the challenges that lie ahead.

"Worldwide, 245 people die from measles every day...diabetes now afflicts some 400 million people...800 million people go to bed hungry every night...and 253 million are blind or visually impaired."

Lions, of course, have a broad range of initiatives that are working to correct these issues, but there's much to be done.

For example, DG Vollmer noted that it takes approximately two years to train a Leader Dog, and the cost is about $40,000!  Read more about DG Vollmer's presentation and other meeting topics in Lion Del's comprehensive Minutes of October 24 Meeting.

Also at this meeting two Lions were recognized for attendance achievements during 2018-19. 

Lion Larry Shoemaker (left) and Lion John Cooper (right) were both awarded pins by Lion President Kellen Willert for Perfect Attendance during the past year.  By the way, you'll find these photos and more in our Lions Photo Gallery.

As reported earlier on our website, vision screening at the Belle Fourche Middle School and South Park Elementary School last week (October 15-15, respectively) was a success.  It's always a success when our screeners are able to identify young people who are referred for further examination to determine the nature of potential problems – and then are enabled to pursue corrective action, if and when necessary.

In all, 420 students were screened, and 42 were referred for further exams.  Our thanks to Lion Joyce Drabek for coordinating this screening, and a huge shout-out to Lions John Cooper, Del and Sue Neumeister, Larry Shoemaker, and Frank Walton.  Thank you Lions for your continuing good work with this important initiative!

Last, but certainly not least, we're pleased to welcome new members to Belle Fourche Lions.  

Shown at right is new member Jason Oedekoven, who was sponsored by Lion Rick Walton (at left).  Lion President Kellen Willert, center, presented certificates to both of them. 
Welcome Lion Jason!

And another big "Welcome" is due new Lions Justin and Cassie Wendt, standing above at left.

They were sponsored by perhaps the longest-serving club member, Lion Chuck Livingston, standing at right.  Nearly two years ago, Lion Livingston was recognized for 50 Years of Perfect Attendance as a Lion.   Now....that's commitment....that's service.....and that's Lion Chuck!
Congratulations Lions Justin and Cassie!