Tuesday, December 1, 2020


Lions Del and Sue Neumeister are leaving the community at the end of November. They have both been Lions on and off for 20+ years!  In Belle since 2009.  Del will be greatly missed as Treasurer.  Thanks to both Del and Sue for all of their volunteer hours and love for Belle Fourche.

Vice President

Lion Cherie Coleman

Friday, October 16, 2020

PDG Scheller and Campaign 100


·    Lion Sheller cam to our Lions Club meeting to share with us his passion for Campaign 100.  One word describes PDG Sheller's presentation, passionate.  Lion Scheller believes what he spoke about and it starts with, "27.4 cents."  He gave us statistics regarding lack of water, electricity, shelter and the overall health of the world.  He told us that preventable diseases take over 25,000 lives every day.  This is about the size of Aberdeen, SD.  He then told us that the goal of Campaign 100 is to raise 22 million dollars by 2022.  He then told us that the dollars that have already been raised have made a difference.  South Dakota alone has received over 1/2 million dollars in grants.  They  have given approximately 5 million for COVID relief.  When you give to Campaign 100 you know where your dollars are going.  100% of your money goes to the cause you desire.  There are no paid CEO's to siphon your money.  So, 24.7cents a day equals $100 a year and that's what it will take to make the goal.  You can donate on the LCIF website or by mail: LCIF, Dept. 45471, Carol Stream, IL, 60122-4547.  Thank you PDG Scheller for your presentation. 

      Here is a link to some pictures taken at the presentation. 





Lion Cherie talks about Charitable Giving

Dear Fellow Lions,

Our presentation last night included a big push for Lions to donate individually and as a group.  I left my materials at home but I believe that the deduction qualifies for this tax credit.


This whole letter is less polished than I would like it to be but I am sending it out so this information does not get buried.  Our resident CPA, Renae Schaeffer, highlighted this deduction and the attached is from her  “Accounting Today” publication so it is from a reliable source.


I thought others might appreciate knowing.  Even if they don’t give to the Lions but another qualified organization, those donations would mean a lot this year!


I am including Lee to see if he can find a way to put it on the website and I will try to incorporate it with my post from last night’s meeting.


1. Use above-the-line charitable deduction

Everyone is entitled to a charitable deduction this year. The Tax Cuts

and Jobs Act doubled the standard deduction while repealing or

limiting many itemized deductions, leaving millions fewer taxpayers

claiming actual itemized deductions. Typically, there is no tax benefit

for giving to charity unless you itemize deductions. 

However, the CARES Act created an above-the-line deduction of up to $300 for

cash contributions from taxpayers who don’t itemize. To take advantage of this provision,

taxpayers should make sure to donate before the end of the year.


Hope you all have a great weekend.

Lion Cherie 

Thursday, September 3, 2020

1st Annual Sweet Corn Festival Aug 21st and 22nd

Lions Rick Walton, Frank Walton, Larry Shoemaker, Smiling President Melissa Kraft, Del Neumeister.  Not pictured Sue Neumeister (aka the Money Boss!) and Lion of the Year Tom Nary! (Sue and Tom were doing the real work)  Below Lion Rick is slinging the corn.  Well done Rick!

The BF Lions Club set up on the SE side of the Center of the Nation Museum on Friday night the 21st selling buttered popcorn, hot dogs and drinks.  There was a steady flow of customers with a good crowd listening to the music of Chelsey D and Company.

e 21s

Saturday, August 8, 2020

2020 Lion of the Year!

Congratulations Lion Tom Nary!
Lion Tom has been awarded 
Belle Fourche Lions Club 
2020 Lion of the Year!

Past President Lion Kellen Willert awarded Lion Tom Nary with the 2020 Lion of the Year award during the Lions Club Meeting on Thursday night 8/6/20.  Thank you Lion Nary for all of the hard work and time you have contributed to the Lions Club functions over the past year.  (photo courtesy of Lion Cherie Coleman)

Monday, June 1, 2020

Highlights of the May 28th Belle Fourche Lions club meeting

Lion Melodey Zupan was presented with a Diamond Award for bringing new members into the Lions Club.  Thanks Lion Melodey! (Lion Del Neumeister photo!)
It was a very busy night for 15 members of Belle Fourche Lions last Thursday (May 28th) as attendees handled a number of topics, including the approval for the club to serve a 4th of July breakfast on State Street – most likely between 7:30 to 10:00 a.m.  
Michelle Evans
That decision came after guest Michelle Evans addressed the club and advised that the downtown merchants on State Street desire to work with the Lions Club.  The conversation was timely, since the Lions Club had previously had to postpone its annual Pancake Breakfast.  Downtown merchants proposed to close State Street from 5th to 7th Streets.  The exact menu to be served is yet to be determined, but the motion to proceed with the joint venture was approved.
After discussion about Lions ushering at the Fourth of July Rodeo this year, it was decided to advise the Rodeo Committee that Belle Fourche Lions will not usher at the rodeo this year.
The club then announced the names of the two seniors at Belle Fourche High who are the recipients of $500 scholarships:  Kelby Olson and Harley Fischer. The selection Committee consisted of Lions Beals, Gubbrud, D. Neumeister and Pummel. 
Check details of the entire May 28th meeting by visiting our Minutes Page.  Our thanks to Lion Secretary Del Neumeister for providing us with the Minutes!
Please NoteBelle Fourche Lions will meet again at 7:00pm, Thursday, June 11th at Grap's!

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Amid COVID-19, Lions conduct business...but not "as usual"

Lions President Kellen Willert chairs our "virtual meeting" via Zoom

It was something brand new for Belle Fourche Lions – we'd done nothing like it in our 83-year history:  a "virtual meeting" via videoconferencing through a service called Zoom.  It took place Thursday evening, April 9th, our regular meeting date and time, but the circumstances were anything but "regular."  The innovative gathering was arranged by Lion President Kellen Willert as a way of safely coming together to conduct business during the Coronavirus Pandemic, widely-known as COVID-19.

Note: At this writing 1,311 people in South Dakota have tested positive for the virus, and seven people have died – all but one of them in eastern South Dakota.

Twelve Lions participated in this meeting, which handled a "limited agenda."  Among business conducted:  members approved presenting $500 scholarships to two Belle Fourche High School seniors at a date/time yet to be determined; scheduled a Highway 34 Ditch Cleanup for Thursday, May 14th; advised members that the All-Car Rally has been cancelled for this year;  and selected Lions to fill officer/board vacancies beginning July 1st.  Read details of the meeting on our Minutes page

The next scheduled meeting is tentatively set for Thursday, May 28th.  Watch this website and your e-mail "Inbox" for updates.  

Be safe and be well! 

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Lions International HQ office closure extended

5:17am - April 4, 2020
Dear Lion,
The Illinois State government in the USA announced that its stay-at-home order will be extended until at least April 30 to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The measures included the requirement to cease all nonessential services in the state. Lions Clubs International is identified as “nonessential.” To comply with the state mandate, the Lions Clubs International Headquarters in Oak Brook will be closed at least until April 30, 2020.
While staff will not physically be in the building, staff teams will be working remotely and available during business hours to respond to the needs of Lions. You may contact LCI staff or LCIF staff as needed.
The performance of systems may be impacted due to the increased number of people working remotely, and response time may be affected. Some of our business operations that require physical interaction will likely be limited.
More details will be provided as the situation evolves, but here is some preliminary guidance:
  • For information on district and multiple district conventions, please check our coronavirus updates webpage.
  • Regarding payment of outstanding dues, we recommend that districts allow clubs that are able to demonstrate they have sent or submitted payment to participate in voting. This could be via a bank statement, copy of demand draft, etc. Clubs will not be cancelled during this time based on the challenges related to receiving and processing physical checks and electronic payments.
  • For Lions International payments, please utilize online payment options via MyLCI or any other electronic payment method (ACH, SEPA, Boleto, NEFT, etc.) instead of sending checks to the office.
  • Please submit LCIF donations via the website instead of sending checks to the office. Please also note that grant disbursements and recognition will be delayed while the office is closed.
  • There will be delays in shipping awards and recognitions, club supplies orders, as well as delays in processing reimbursements. 
We appreciate your patience during these extraordinary times and wish for the health and safety of all our Lions and staff around the world.
In kindness,
PIP Frank Moore
Executive Administrator and Secretary

Monday, March 23, 2020

Belle Fourche Lions - WE SERVE!

Although our March 26th meeting has was cancelled, and the Lions Pancake Feed scheduled for March 29th postponed  (date yet to be determined) our Belle Fourche Lions continue serve "behind the scenes."  

Please take note of the newest Lions Eyeglass Drop Box.  It's located at the Runnings store and is the handiwork of Lions Mike Derry and Cherie Coleman.  Great job....Thanks Lions Derry and Coleman!  

(Thanks to Lion Del Neumeister for sharing photo)

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Belle Fourche Lions Club: Minutes of Special March19th Meeting

The following members were present: Lion Cherie Coleman, Lion Mike Derry, Lion Rich Drabek, Lion Ron Ensz (by phone), Lion Melissa Kraft, Lion Del Neumeister, Lion Sue Neumeister, Lion Frank Walton and Lion Kellen Willert (by phone).
The meeting was held at the Conference Room of the Pioneer Bank and Trust.  A thank you to Lions Coleman and Kraft for making the arrangements.  Meeting was called to order by President Willert at 7 p.m. and Lion Ensz joined a short time later due to technical issues.
The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the future of the Annual Pancake feed scheduled for March 29, 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak.  This was the only item on the agenda.
There was much discussion back and forth regarding whether to postpone or to cancel outright the feed.  Lion Frank Walton provided the group with some numbers regarding where his tickets, in the amount of $2110, came from.  Uncertainty of what the “best” thing to do was with each who attended. 
There was a motion by Lion Mike Derry to postpone, for the time being, the feed.  A second was given by Lion Del Neumeister, 8 for and 1 against; motion carried.  Lion Ron Ensz will prepare a statement for the newspaper regarding how tickets which have been sold will be handled.  Lion Cherie Coleman will put the notification on our Facebook page.
Due to the coronavirus a motion was made to cancel the next regular club meeting scheduled for March 26, 2020 by Lion Frank Walton with a 2nd by Lion Melissa Kraft; motion carried.
As there was no further business a motion by Lion Del Neumeister was made to adjourn, a 2nd by Lion Frank Walton; motion carried.
Your Lions secretary
Lion Del Neumeister

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Lion "Chuck" Livingston (1930-2020)

Our long-time friend and fellow Belle Fourche Lion, Charles "Chuck" Livingston has passed away.  We received the sad news yesterday that "Lion Chuck" had died on Monday, March 9th. He was 89 years old.  Once we know specific arrangements for his funeral, we'll share them on this Belle Fourche Lions website.

Nearly three years ago, in early 2017, Lion Chuck was honored for 50 years of perfect attendance in Lions.  As we wrote on this website then, "That's no small accomplishment, and it's among many achievements that this low-key Lion leader has chalked up over the years.  Not just in Lions, but also within the community."

At that time, we assembled the following short video, providing more information about Chuck's life and his career of service in Lions – and throughout the community.

Monday, February 24, 2020

What you may not know about SUGAR...

by Lion Del Neumeister - 5SW Diabetes Chairman
Lion Del Neumeister
Sugar.  To start with, each of us needs to know that when we are talking sugar, we are talking about several things.  Sugar is more than just what you sprinkle on your cereal in the morning or put in your coffee.  Sugar is created in your body when you eat certain things.  Some (this certainly doesn't include all) of the common things are pasta, bread and potatoes. When I eat these things, I know that eventually my blood sugar will go up.  So, what do we do?
Do we need to eliminate sugar from our diet completely?  Let me just say that not only is that unpleasant, I believe that it is impossible.  Sugar enters the body in many forms.  So, once again, what do we do?
If you want to control your diabetes rather than have your diabetes control you, I believe that the first thing you need to do is to know how your body reacts to food.  In order to do that, you must check your blood sugar and, in one way or another, record what you have consumed.  For me, this means keeping track of what I eat at meals and snacks as well.  Anything (you can skip water) that you put in you, eat or drink, should be kept track of.  I do this in my, twice daily, recording sheet I use.  You can use whatever works for you.
I believe that there are three things you will learn when you are diligent in your record keeping.  I believe you will discover there are foods that raise your blood sugar, foods that have no effect on your blood sugar and foods that lower your blood sugar.  Mind you, the last one (lowering) was discovered by me AFTER I knew which foods raised my blood sugar.
I know someone who has had diabetes for over 50 years.  This person eats nearly anything they want.  The reason is because after eating, testing occurs.  This person, over the years has LEARNED what will and won't raise their blood sugar – and what to do about it.
The most important things, I BELIEVE, we need to do is have regular conversations with our doctor.  Controlling diabetes means living life.  Let's do it.
Next month:  Let's Talk Exercise!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

First 2020 program: "America's Kids Belong"

Our first meeting of 2020 featured a presentation about adoption and foster care of South Dakota children.

To describe the January 9th program, we refer to the draft minutes for our Lions meeting of Thursday, January 9th at Grap's in Belle Fourche: 

Damen Woolsey
"...we were given a presentation by Damen Woolsey regarding America’s Kids Belong and he identified himself as co-executive director of South Dakota Kids Belong. 
   Some statistics regarding children in 'the system':  there are over 400,000 nationwide with 100,000 available for adoptions with the remainder in the foster care system.  It is one of the goals of this group to give children a face and a voice insuring that the children are seen as “real.”  It is also one of their goals to have the government support their program.  There are three other goals:

          1) that there are more than enough adoptive parents 
        2) that there are more than enough foster parents 
              3) there is more than enough support.  

    Damen then passed around a sheet for email addresses of those desiring to support the program.  A discussion followed regarding some of the difficulties with the “system” as well as some of the successes."

For more details about the meeting, check out our Draft Minutes for January 9th, 2020.