Sunday, December 15, 2019

Campaign 100 gets a boost at December 12th meeting!

"On the spot! Five members of the Belle Fourche Lions Club made contributions to Campaign 100 following a December 12th presentation by Past District Governors Doug Scheller and Tim Brown. Campaign 100 seeks to address global needs ranging from Hunger, Vision, and Disaster Relief to Diabetes, Youth, and Humanitarian Causes. Pictured (L-to-R) are: PDG Doug Scheller, Lion Jason Oedekoven (with blue hat), Lion Frank Walton, Lion Rick Walton, Lion Brian Kline, Club President Lion Kellen Willert and PDG Tim Brown. 

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Good speaker, good grub, good fellowship!

Eighteen Lions and three guests filled our Lions table at Grap's Burgers and Brews this week (November 14) to receive an update on our most recent vision screening event at both South Park Elementary and the Belle Fourche Middle School.  Lions screened 402 children and there were 42 referrals.

School Nurse Brandi Van Sickle was our guest speaker.
But our speaker, School Nurse Brandi Van Sickle, provided additional insight into the importance of screenings, along with some of the obstacles and solutions that have been implemented.

One obstacle is the perception by the kids that wearing glasses isn't "cool."  But, of course, the benefits are obvious.  Referral notices are given to the teachers with the desire of reinforcing the need for follow-up examinations with an eye doctor.

In addition to Nurse Van Sickle, our guests included Maureen Oedekoven and Jenelle Willert, spouses of Lions Oedekoven and Willert.

There were discussions about the frequency of our Lions meetings, the need for assistance in aluminum can recycling efforts – and the always exciting 50-50 drawing.  Read all about these and other aspects of our meeting in the draft Minutes of November 14, compiled and written by the Lions Neumeister.  Thank You Lions Sue and Del!

No meeting for November 28.....Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Lions DG Vollmer lays out challenges.... and opportunities!

Twenty-eight Lions members and their guests gathered Thursday (Oct. 24) to hear District Governor (DG) Linda Vollmer give a multi-faceted report about some of Lion's accomplishments – but with a real focus on the challenges that lie ahead.

"Worldwide, 245 people die from measles every day...diabetes now afflicts some 400 million people...800 million people go to bed hungry every night...and 253 million are blind or visually impaired."

Lions, of course, have a broad range of initiatives that are working to correct these issues, but there's much to be done.

For example, DG Vollmer noted that it takes approximately two years to train a Leader Dog, and the cost is about $40,000!  Read more about DG Vollmer's presentation and other meeting topics in Lion Del's comprehensive Minutes of October 24 Meeting.

Also at this meeting two Lions were recognized for attendance achievements during 2018-19. 

Lion Larry Shoemaker (left) and Lion John Cooper (right) were both awarded pins by Lion President Kellen Willert for Perfect Attendance during the past year.  By the way, you'll find these photos and more in our Lions Photo Gallery.

As reported earlier on our website, vision screening at the Belle Fourche Middle School and South Park Elementary School last week (October 15-15, respectively) was a success.  It's always a success when our screeners are able to identify young people who are referred for further examination to determine the nature of potential problems – and then are enabled to pursue corrective action, if and when necessary.

In all, 420 students were screened, and 42 were referred for further exams.  Our thanks to Lion Joyce Drabek for coordinating this screening, and a huge shout-out to Lions John Cooper, Del and Sue Neumeister, Larry Shoemaker, and Frank Walton.  Thank you Lions for your continuing good work with this important initiative!

Last, but certainly not least, we're pleased to welcome new members to Belle Fourche Lions.  

Shown at right is new member Jason Oedekoven, who was sponsored by Lion Rick Walton (at left).  Lion President Kellen Willert, center, presented certificates to both of them. 
Welcome Lion Jason!

And another big "Welcome" is due new Lions Justin and Cassie Wendt, standing above at left.

They were sponsored by perhaps the longest-serving club member, Lion Chuck Livingston, standing at right.  Nearly two years ago, Lion Livingston was recognized for 50 Years of Perfect Attendance as a Lion.   Now....that's commitment....that's service.....and that's Lion Chuck!
Congratulations Lions Justin and Cassie!

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Belle Fourche Lions conducted 420 vision screenings in October

And 42 children were referred for further examination.  
Watch the video below.
  See how Lions are helping to improve the lives of young people!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Lions conduct vision screening for 420 youngsters

With assistance from our all-time favorite school nurse, Brandi VanSickle, the Belle Fourche Lions Club on Tuesday, October 15th, screened the vision of 210 students at the Middle School. These were Fifth and Seventh graders.  Lions Frank Walton, Larry Schoemaker, Del Neumeister and Sue Neumeister conducted the screening, which resulted in 21 referrals for further examinations.   And now for the spooky part (It is, after all, just a couple of weeks from Halloween!)

The next day, Wednesday, the Neumeister pride (that's Lion-speak for Lions Del and Sue) were joined by Lions John Cooper and organizer Lion Joyce Drabek as they went to South Park Elementary School and screened...(drum roll, please)...another 210 students with – you guessed it – another 21 referrals among these First and Third graders. 

Lions Del and Coop were among our volunteers!

That's 42 referrals altogether!  Belle Fourche Lions are proud to offer this service and to know that these young people are getting a head start on detecting any vision irregularities – and pursuing appropriate action to deal with any vision issues.

         ~ ~ ~ ~ LIONS SERVE! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  

Vision screening is a core activity of Lions clubs; it goes directly to our mission, and it's extremely gratifying to know that we're making a real difference in the lives of these young people.

Our sincere thanks to the Lions listed above who made these screenings possible – and to the good folks in the Belle Fourche schools who make our screening tasks  a lot easier! 

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Awards highlight September 26th Lions meeting

Past President Melody Zupan presented Presidential Appreciation Awards to three club member during our September 26th meeting.  Recipients – shown left-to-right with Lion Zupan are –  Lions Rich Drabek, Del Neumeister, and Tom Nary.  Congratulations, fellow Lions!  (Photo by Lion Sue Neumeister - Thanks!)

Also recognized for Perfect Attendance during the past year were the Lions pictured above.  They included (Left-to-Right):  Lions Rich Drabek, Rick Walton, Frank Walton, Sue Neumeister, Del Neumeister, Robert Drabek, Chuck Livingston, Melodey Zupan, Joyce Drabek, and Tom Nary.  (Photo by Janelle Willert - Thanks!)

Of course, there was lots of other activity, too.  Check it out in our Minutes Tab!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Our Lions Trash Team is #1!

Lions Rik Bartels, Tom Nary, Del Neumeister and Frank Walton were among our summertime  "Trash Team" that picked up litter and other trash along Highway 34 headed west of Belle Fourche toward the Wyoming border this summer.  Thanks fellow Lions.
Lions Rock!

Friday, May 17, 2019

Olson and Gubbrud are recipients of 2019 BF Lions scholarships

The two Belle Fourche High School seniors were honored when each was awarded a $500 scholarship from the Belle Fourche Lions Club.  Lion Del Neumeister made the presentations during ceremonies on Thursday, May 16th, 2019, at Belle Fourche High School.  Congratulations to these two seniors – and thank you Lion members for continuing to support young people in our community!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

25 Years a Lion....Congratulations Lion Brian Kline!

This could be a "Retro" photograph from 2015 – but it's not.  

Club Secretary Del Neumeister snapped this photo at the Belle Fourche Lions Club meeting this week (4/25/19) when Lion President Melodey Zupan recognized Lion Kline (he's the fellow with the familiar face at left!) for his 25 years as a Lion.  

Lion Kline has racked up numerous achievements as a Lion; among them:  Lion of the Year in 2015.  That's the year TWO members were recognized for that honor – Lions Brian Kline and Melodey Zupan, hence our comment that the above photo could've been from our 2015 archives, when these to Lions shared the award.

Lion Kline has served several years as club president and has been presented with perfect attendance awards, the Sable Award, among other recognitions for his active service with Belle Fourche Lions.  From ushering at the Black Hills Roundup and pitching in at the All-Car Rally to participating in our "Trash Patrol" along Highway 34 – just to name a few of his service activities.  He's been a busy fellow!

Congratulations and Well Done, Lion Brian!

For a synopsis of our April 25th Lions meeting, check out our Lions Minutes page.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Lions provide Soup-Sandwiches-Brownie fare at La Belle Marché

The sun was out and the soup was on at the LeBelle Marché Indoor Market at the Historic Roosevelt Events Center Gym on Saturday, April 13th.  The Belle Fourche Chamber of Commerce introduced the Indoor Market event last in February, but the weather has been less than cooperative.  The indoor market will be held monthly at the Roosevelt.  The schedule varies, so check with the chamber for market dates.  

A bevy of Belle Fourche Lions provided soup, sandwiches, and brownies as a fundraiser.  First tentative count finds we grossed $367.  Lion servers included (left-to-right) Tom Nary, Joyce Drabek, Larry Miller Sue Neumeister and Frank Walton.  Not shown: Lions Rich Drabek and Del Neumeister (our duty photographer!) 

A BIG shoutout to the good people who provided the sandwiches, soups, and brownies.  They include Kay Cooper, Melissa Kraft, Joyce Drabek, Sue Neumeister, Breanna Schaefer, Melodey Zupan and Allison's Pantry!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Winter storm lingers...April 11th meeting cancelled

The meeting for Thursday, April 11th was canceled.  The next meeting will be April 25th.  We will be serving soup and sandwiches at the Roosevelt event center on Saturday April 13th.  Serving will start at 11 a.m.  We need those helping to show up before that.  Please come and help us.  We will also be doing vision screening on the 23rd at North Park.  We will need help there too. If you are interested in helping, get in touch with Lion Joyce Drabek.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Almost like being there - Read our minutes!

Belle Fourche Lion’s Club meeting minutes for March 28, 2019
Meeting was called to order by President Zupan.  Our regular meeting was held at Grap’s Burgers and Brews with 12 members and 1 guest present.

Those present: Lion Cooper, Lion Robert Drabek, Lion Ensz, Lion Floyd, Lion Livingston, Lion Nary, Lion D. Neumeister, Lion S. Neumeister, Lion Shoemaker, Lion F. Walton, Lion R. Walton and Lion Zupan.
Guest: PDG and member of Rushmore Lions, Doug Scheller.
Lions joke was shared by Lion Scheller.
Pledge was led by Lion Shoemaker.   Lions song was led by Lion F. Walton
Motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting made by Lion R. Walton, with a 2nd by both Lions Ensz and Floyd; motion carried.  Motion to approve the financial report was made by Lion Cooper, with a 2nd by Lion Shoemaker; motion carried.
Correspondence: Thank you cards were read from DG Bea Gifford for her recent visit and from Morgan Mackaben for the Science Fair award she was given.  There will be a Spring Carnival May 3rd and we have an opportunity to have a booth for Vision Screening.

Old Business:
·      The Pancake Feed will be this Sunday, March 31st from 8 a.m. till 1 p.m.  Lion Nary said there will be a need for volunteers as Lion’s F. Walton and Livingston have sold over $1500 worth of tickets!  A signup sheet was passed around.
·      The Soup and Pie, now called Soup and Sandwich, has been rescheduled due to weather.  It will be held at Roosevelt on April 13th from 11-2.  Volunteers are needed.
·      There was no update for the Fire and Iron meal.
·      There was no update on the 4th of July parade.  Deadline to enter is June 15th.
·      A Nominating Committee has been made to nominate people for Lions Director (2year) and 2nd Vice President.
·      Kindergarten roundup will be at North Park school on April 23rd.  There will be a sign-up sheet at the next meeting.
·      Bills were presented to the club to pay.  2 hearing aids: motion by Lion R. Walton to pay, 2nd by Lion Floyd; motion carried.  Chamber dues are due: motion to pay by Lion Ensz, 2nd by Lion R. Walton; motion carried.

Lion Cooper congratulated by President Zupan
for her Membership work. 

(Photo-Lion Del Neumeister)
PDG Scheller program on Campaign 100:
Lion Scheller stated that we are blessed to live in the United States as if we make $40,000 a year we are better off than 99% of the rest of the world’s population.  He then spoke about LCIF and its impact.  For every $1 donated $1.80 is received back.  LCIF provided a matching grant for the 2 KID’S SIGHT vans that are in South Dakota.  He then stated that 25,000 people die of preventable causes every day and that 17,000 are under the age of 6.  Lions Clubs International have reduced that number by the things we do.  

Lion Scheller observed that Lions provide support with clean water, we support cancer research, we support diabetes prevention and we have an objective to raise $300 million from clubs worldwide.  Lion Scheller challenged us to give a mere .27+ a day to LCIF to achieve this goal.  Break for meal with a blessing by Lion D. Neumeister.

In turn, Lion President Zupan receives recognition
for her membership work from PDG Scheller. 

(Photo-Lion Del Neumeister)

Awards were presented to Lions Cooper and Lion Zupan for bringing in new members.  Thank you Lions!

    Lion Nary stated that the All Car Rally would be held in Herrmann Park again this year.  It is scheduled for June 15th.  We are advised that we are “supposed” to be the only major food vendor for this event.

The 50/50 drawing was won by Lion Zupan.  She donated the winnings back to the club; thank you Lion Melody.

Lion R. Walton made a motion to adjourn the meeting, 2nd by Lion F. Walton; motion carried.  The next meeting will be April 11, 2019.

NOTE:  These draft minutes were created by Lion Del Neumeister for the March 28th meeting.  Since then, the annual Lions Pancake Feed has been conducted.  Treasurer Rich Drabek reports that our total income amounted to $2,827.   Our net can be determined after all expenses are paid.  
MANY THANKS to Lion members who participated in this important event!

Thursday, February 28, 2019

District Governor Gifford presents awards to local Lions

(Photo credit:  Thanks to Lion Del Neumeister)

District Governor Bea Gifford (left) was on hand this week (2/28/19) to present Belle Fourche Lions Club President Melodey Zupan with the Gold Centennial Membership Award.  The recognition is bestowed upon new member sponsors once the new member remains in good standing for two years and a day.  Lion Melodey sponsored Michael Floyd, who attended his first meeting as Lion Michael Floyd in November 2016.  Lions Kline and Gillette were awarded membership pins.  Lion Gillette for 55 years and Lion Kline for 25 years.  Congratulations to Lions Kline, Gillette, and Zupan!

DG Bea also congratulated the club on how busy we are and thanked us for all we do.  She spoke about Lions International and encouraged us to support them.  She specifically reminded us that youth are our future and spoke of Leo clubs.  She addressed Lion’s initiatives and stated that our number one priority is vision – but we are also committed to dealing with diabetes, youth cancer, environment and hunger.  She also noted that some changes are likely coming for annual and district meetings. 


Lions Joyce and Rich Drabek, Robert Drabek, and Del Neumeister were among the delegation of Lions from Belle Fourche who attended the South Dakota Lions Convention held last month (January 18-19) at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Spearfish.

It was noted by Lion Rich Drabek that a motion was submitted by 5SW to move the State Convention to the fall, and have district meetings possibly undergoing some changes in their look or eliminating them altogether.  This apparently will require a Constitutional change.

The Belle Fourche Health Fair was conducted on Saturday, February 16th at the Belle Fourche Area Community Center.  Lion Joyce Drabek reports that 36 screenings were conducted with three referrals.

Next month, just around the corner, Belle Fourche Lions will be providing soup, sandwiches, and treats for the Indoor Market at the Historic Roosevelt Events Center on Saturday, March 9th.  It's part of the monthly Chamber of Commerce market event when exhibitors set up to show their wares and services to the community.  The soup, sandwiches and treats will be available from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (and maybe a bit beyond!) at the Chamber's Indoor Market.  See you there!

For additional details, check out minutes from our last couple of meetings, which you'll by clicking on the LIONS MINUTES tab at the top of this page.  Thanks to Lion Del Neumeister for his usual efficiency and providing minutes from our Lions meetings.

Circle your calendars now for our annual Lions Pancake Feed at the Moose Lodge.  It's set for Sunday, March 31st.