Monday, July 8, 2013

Lions usher another great Black Hills Roundup!

Thanks, Lion Pardners!

The Black Hills Roundup is now history -- but what a grand time it was!  The event is not only a community service project, but it also serves as a fund raiser for our Lions Club, which traditionally provides ushering for the event.  

Thanks to these Lions for ushering during the  94th annual Black Hills Roundup:

 TOM NARY ushered three performances!    And the following Lions volunteered for two sessions: RICH DRABEK, LEO ORME,  BRIAN KLINE, and RICK WALTON.  Others who contributed their time ushering were:  ERIC BEALS, JOHN COOPER, BOB DRABEK, RON ENSZ, DARREN MESSNER, LARRY MILLER, BOB MORRIS, and DEL NEUMEISTER.