Friday, October 16, 2020

PDG Scheller and Campaign 100


·    Lion Sheller cam to our Lions Club meeting to share with us his passion for Campaign 100.  One word describes PDG Sheller's presentation, passionate.  Lion Scheller believes what he spoke about and it starts with, "27.4 cents."  He gave us statistics regarding lack of water, electricity, shelter and the overall health of the world.  He told us that preventable diseases take over 25,000 lives every day.  This is about the size of Aberdeen, SD.  He then told us that the goal of Campaign 100 is to raise 22 million dollars by 2022.  He then told us that the dollars that have already been raised have made a difference.  South Dakota alone has received over 1/2 million dollars in grants.  They  have given approximately 5 million for COVID relief.  When you give to Campaign 100 you know where your dollars are going.  100% of your money goes to the cause you desire.  There are no paid CEO's to siphon your money.  So, 24.7cents a day equals $100 a year and that's what it will take to make the goal.  You can donate on the LCIF website or by mail: LCIF, Dept. 45471, Carol Stream, IL, 60122-4547.  Thank you PDG Scheller for your presentation. 

      Here is a link to some pictures taken at the presentation.