Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Belle Fourche Lions Club hits a major milestone this summer!

Over 4000 lbs of aluminum collected!

The Club went over the 4000 lb mark early in August.  Total earnings for the club is over $1200 that is used for several different programs for the community like scholarships for graduating seniors and paying for glasses for those who are not able.

Back story:

The Belle Fourche Lions Club started collecting cans in June of 2017.  It was not until March of 2020 that the first 2000 lbs were collected.  Almost 3 years.  The second 2000 lbs was collected in just over a year.

Ronald McDonald House:

The Lions have always taken the tabs off of the cans collected and are turned into the Ronald McDonald House Project.  While records of how many were not kept in the early years, it is estimated that over 40 lbs of pull tabs have been donated by the Club.

How can you help?

The Belle Lions Club has a collections site in the parking lot of the Lynn's Dakotamart on the East side.  Please feel free to deposit aluminum cans here.  The Belle Fourche Country Club also has a place to deposit used cans.