Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 24th Lions meeting is a busy one!

Belle Fourche Lions received a quick primer on the are of book publishing this week (2/24/11). Rural Belle Fourche author Mary Buchholz shared the step-by-step process by which she and Jordan Wilms of the Tri-State Museum collaborated on their 2008 book entitled Belle Fourche.

Published by Arcadia Publishing of Charleston, South Carolina, the book contains more than 200 historic photographs.

Buchholtz is working on another book that deals with the history of Harding County.
Lions are meeting at Mulligans.  That's a new name for gathering spot at the Belle Fourche Country Club.  The facility has been remodeled, offering a more spacious site for meetings.

An "old friend" has rejoined us for our meetings -- the framed document that chartered our club back on October 21, 1936.  Of course, that was a while back, before many -- if not most -- of our club members were born!  Although faded by time, it contains the signatures of our charter members.

Treasurer Rich Drabek (left) and club president Ron Ensz admire the document, which returns to a prominent position on the wall of our meeting site.  Members are encouraged to take a closer look at this document at a future meeting.

Ron Ensz distributed the attractively-printed tickets for our forthcoming pancake breakfast, which is scheduled for 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., on Sunday, March 27th at the Moose Lodge.  Members are encouraged to sell as many as possible, since this is a major fundraiser for us, allowing us to continue pursuit of many projects.  Contact Lion Ron if you don't yet have your tickets, or if you need more!

Recognition was given to the six Lions who helped with a project designed to better accommodate Belle Fourche High School senior Dylan Norris.  The 16-year-old lad was seriously injured in a dirt bike accident last summer.  High school students have built a handicapped-accessible ramp for Dylan, and Lions last week completed some painting for the project.  Three cheers for the fellow Lions who turned out to help on this project.  They are pictured below.

Let's have a Roar for these Lions!  Standing lef-to-right are Leo Orme, Brian Kline, Rich Drabek,
and Tim Cleveland.  Seated are Gerald Keil, Ron Ensz, and Robert Schnaible.