Friday, May 11, 2012

Vision screening is topic for special May 15th meeting

South Dakota Lions are launching a statewide initiative that will provide vision screening for more than 13,000 preschool children -- a formidable task, but one that clearly is at the core of the Lions mission.

Lions executive M.J. Knobe
Details of the project will be unveiled at the Belle Fourche Country Club on Tuesday, May 15, as members of both the Northern Lights Lions Club and the Belle Fourche Lions Club gather for a joint meeting at noon.  Members can order from the Mulligan menu and enjoy lunch as they hear more about the statewide vision initiative from M.J. Knobe, Executive Director for the South Dakota Lions Foundation.

Knobe will be visiting Lions clubs across the Black Hills all week, sharing information and answering questions.  The South Dakota Lions Foundation has a history of more than 45 years of screening and other sight-related projects.

Given the importance of this project -- and the challenges that lie ahead -- the public is invited to attend this informational meeting.

New technology devices can quickly and easily detect vision issues across all age groups, detecting problems ranging from near-sightedness and far-sightedness to  astigmatisms and eye misalignment (strabismus).  

Early information indicated that eight devices will be purchased and placed around the state so that every club will have access to screening equipment.  And screenings will be provided by trained personnel.

But to get the latest information and have an opportunity ask questions about this important project, join us for this luncheon meeting at noon on Tuesday, May 15th, and the Belle Fourche Country Club.