Friday, June 7, 2013

Who am I? What is today? Where am I supposed to be?

Okay, let's face it, even fierce Lions have those days when it's difficult to remember things.

So we're going to try to make it easier for you.

We can't manage your schedule for you, but we can keep you abreast of Lions activities and events. And with our new "Calendar of Events" we can provide you with additional details that we've not been able to list previously.

The small calendar window shown at left is what we have used in the past to keep you up to date about Lions events.  

But... with the advent of summer, vacations, etc. and no Lions meetings for a while, it may be a bit difficult --  perhaps even downright tedious -- trying to remember what shift you signed up for ushering during the  Roundup.  Or even IF you signed up!  Who's in charge?  What time do I have to be there?  These and other important facts about Lions activities can now be listed in our all-new Calendar.  You'll find it among the topics listed in the Tab Bar at the top of the page.  

Tab Bar?  It looks like this:

The Tab Bar can lead you to lots of information; but CALENDAR is the latest tool that we think you might find useful.  

Of course, the key to keeping the Calendar up to date will be committee chairman.  The bar has been set high by Secretary Del Neumeister, who has been Johnny (Del)-on-the-spot with Minutes of our Lions meetings, which are archived on this site.  They, too, can be accessed through the Tab Bar.

Give the Calendar a try.  As always, your comments and suggestions are encouraged!  CLICK HERE to contact your Lions Webmaster.  Thanks.